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Austin A40 Devon

The Monday Photo

This early 50s car is an Austin A40 Devon and I found it parked up in Granborough a couple of weeks ago.

They were a popular car; 274,000 of the Devon were sold in the six years they were in production, which started in 1947.

This car was one of the last to be made. In the 1950s you might have seen an A40 Devon on the North Bucks roads, cruising at 45 or 50mph; this car did 70mph flat out. That wasn’t a bad top speed for the times.

It isn’t a big car, but the four door body was thought to be ideal for small families. Like many cars then, it had trafficators fitted.

Instead of the modern set up of a pair of amber indicators at the front and two more at the back, they had an arm (the trafficator) that hinged out of the side of the car and lit up amber. There’s one on each side of the Austin Devon, hidden between the doors.

I have no idea why this was preferred to the modern set up. Can anyone tell me?

Summer is on the Way

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice. Today we start the long slow climb back into summer.

When we reach the Summer Solstice in June, the day will be nine hours longer. we can go out for the day, come home, and it’s still light. Here’s some of the things you can find when you go out and about as the days get longer, in the North Bucks area.

Bourbon Tower  StoweThe Bourbon Tower in the grounds of Stowe House (or if you like, Stowe School) was built as a keeper’s lodge in 1741, but was renamed the Bourbon Tower after the exiled King Louis XVIII of France visited Stowe in 1808.

Don’t be disappointed, but the tower has nothing to do with biscuits. The chocolate biscuit that's so good for dunking was named after the European royal House of Bourbon. Louis XVII was a member of that house.

Stowe is open to the public via The National Trust.

Olney sign and museumYou will not see many photographs of this side of the Olney town sign, perhaps because the sun lights it for just a few days every year and it's much easier to take one of the other side.

The sun has to be both far enough North and high enough in the early evening sky to clear the rooftops on the High Street, and light the sign. This photo was taken on the 16th of June. The 2019 Summer Solstice will be on Friday 21st of June.

In the background is the Cowper and Newton Museum. I've written more the museum here.

Aylesbury from Oving HillAylesbury Vale, from Oving, on the road between Pitchcott and Whitchurch. I think that’s Waddesdon Manor on the wooded hills in the distance.

Oving HillWhile I was at Oving to photograph the view over the Aylesbury Vale. (See the previous picture) when I heard a great clattering and rumbling noise approaching. After a couple of minutes, this steam roller towing a living wagon appeared around the corner. It was built in 1916, and is called Jupiter. I managed to take several pictures as it chuffed and rumbled past me.

It’s the unexpected things like this that sometimes makes going out so rewarding.

Aylesbury Apocalypse

Attention all Armageddon Wastelanders, Zombie Apocalypse Marauders and Mad Max Petrolheads reads the Facebook page for the Apocalypticus: Road to Ruin event. It caught my eye some time ago.

On the weekend on 21st-23rd September this year the page tells us, around 400 people will be enjoying a “full on Armageddon” event. Everyone who attends is expected to dress in an appropriate way for the whole weekend. It's at Westcott.

Then a few weeks ago, the organisers made a Facebook announcement to say they were having a promo day in Aylesbury town centre, and anyone who had a fallout or ratted vehicle or who dressed like a wasteland ravager was welcome to be part of the event. I have a rat bike, so I let organiser Pete Roberts know I was coming.

On the Saturday I rode to Kingsbury Square in Aylesbury and here’s what I found.

Apocalpticus promo ToyotaMatt (left) and Dudley (right) left Torquay at 3:30 am just for this promo day and to get a
look at the Apocalypticus site at Westcott.

Apocalpticus promo Toyota teddiesThese bears are stowed away when the car is on the
road. Apart from Kittypocalypse, (and it should be soon)
all these vehicles are road legal.

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