Folly at the Old Cemetery

Saxon cemetary and Dinton CastleThe North East edge of the cemetery lies along the right hand edge of the picture. It extends back along the same line behind the camera for over 600 feet. The far end of the cemetery follows the line of the Cuddington Road, 600 feet from the camera. You can just see it, by the distant trees on the horizon on the right of the photo.

On the far left of the picture above is Dinton Castle, an 18th Century folly.

I’m sure you’ve seen photos of it before, but everything else you can see here is part of a Saxon cemetery; perhaps a quarter of the whole burial ground is in this photo.

Saxon remains were found when the folly’s foundations were being dug in 1769, and other remains and Saxon artifacts have been found here since.

It’s believed that the cemetery covers about 15 acres on both sides of our modern A418, once an 18th Century turnpike. But there would not have been a church here in Saxon times.

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