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Stony Goes Live

Here’s some of the highlights from last week’s 21st Stony Live festival. It was eight days of live events; music, drama, comedy, art, and more. I saw quite a few bands, lots of people and quite a few vehicles, and these are some of the photos I took. This year I tried to take photos of the audience, having photographed those bands before and got some good results. It’s been a fine week.

IMG_0269Not really part of Stony Live, but the closing moments of a football match in The Fox and Hounds on the first Saturday of the festival.

IMG_0271Bad Hombre in The Old George, on the first Saturday. I’d not intended to take photos that night, but, “Always carry a camera”

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The ReformersThe Reformers

(Edit) There was a slight delay due to technical difficulties; the web address wasn't linking up with the blog. It seems to be fixed now. Right, now I can start putting some posts up. There will be no stock photography, and except for very rarely, photos will all be my own work, as will be the words. No tired old space filling 'content'.

Unique photos and stories; that's what I will be showing you. Now back to your normal programming.

I've been handing out cards with the address of this blog for over a week now, so just in case you folks couldn't wait 'till mid June, I'm throwing up the front page and the first post so all you live music fans (I've been photographing Stony Live and giving my cards out) can have something to look at.

I will be editing and posting photos from Stony Live and from Folk on the Green very soon, so bookmark this blog! The rest of the blog, all those links and pages and geegaws, will be here shortly. I will be posting weekly.

These photos are from The Fox and Hounds in Stony Stratford High Street. You can click on them all for a bigger version.

If you've come here by accident, Stony Live is eight days of live music in venues (mostly pubs) all over Stony Stratford in Buckinghamshire. I'm told there were a hundred acts this year.

This is just an appetiser, so these are shots from last year. More to come! In colour!

More of The ReformersAnother number from The Reformers

The Reformers with audienceThe Reformers. This woman posed for me so I took her photo.

Band SubstanceBand Substance's front man.

Band Substance drummerTheir drummer

The Fox and Hounds  Stony StratfordThe Audience.

More of the audienceMore of the audience