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All Good Things Come to an End

It’s been nearly five and a half years, 453 posts and well over 2,000 photos since I started the North Bucks Wanderer in 2018, but I haven’t posted at all since the end of June this year; I now know that I’m not going to post again.

So this is the last post I will make on the North Bucks Wanderer. I’ve visited lots of churches and other old buildings, met hundreds of people, and gone to places I might never have visited if it wasn’t for this blog.

It’s been a success, especially as the average number of posts before a blog runs out of steam is only about six!

But this is still the place to be if you want to know more about the history, people and places of North Buckinghamshire, England.

Posts were based on in depth research, personal visits to the places involved, and photos taken especially for the posts; no recycled "content" here!

But to create such posts took up a huge amount of time, and now I'm busy doing other things I've had to stop adding posts. Still, there's a search form in the sidebar, and a list of categories, too.

To everyone who ever commented, sent me a message, subscribed, or even just read a post or two, thank you.

The North Bucks Wanderer will stay online for a while, and you’ll still be able to view the archives, comment or send me a message, so please get in touch! Of course, I am no longer accepting subscribers.

Roger Bradbury, the North Bucks Wanderer

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