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On Film

Withnail and I tea room locationThe location of Withnail and I's Penrith Tea Rooms is 240 miles from Penrith.

North Bucks in Feature Films Part 2

I blithely said in part one that there would be more on Thursday, and since then, I've had no internet. None. That'll teach me to take things for granted!

I had this post all ready to go except for two or three photos, and thought I'd just pop out on Thursday morning, take the photos, load 'em up and I'd be good to go. Ha ha. Anyway, nearly a week late, here is the post.

Here's the second of two posts about filming locations in North Bucks. As in Part One, Location, Location, I'll tell you about when I watched some of the filming.

Milton Keynes
The Fourth Protocol (1987) used a location on Tranlands Brigg, Heelands. I watched some of the filming there, where an external house and garden set was made in the corner of a parking area.

The garden was raised up on scaffolding and planks, with the hedge shrubs in pots set just below garden level. The house set was a reproduction of an early eco home built on another estate, just used for interior shots.

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Location, Location

 Munchkin village  for Wicked FilmTwo locations in one photo. This Munchkin village set for the forthcoming film Wicked has been built by the canal at Ivinghoe, and the village's Beacon Hill is in the background, a location for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. 

North Bucks in Feature Films Part 1

Easy to reach from London and not too far from Pinewood Studios, North Bucks is in a handy spot for film makers.

I’ve been looking at the many locations film makers have used. In the past I’ve even watched a few films being made.

Some locations have been used for a wide variety of productions and I’ve listed as many as I can here. There’s even a couple of films that haven’t come out yet. Here they are in alphabetical location order; this is part 1 of 2.

In  September 2022 filming for the comedy mystery film Wicked Little Letters was going on at the Court House at the bottom of the Market Square. The film is still under production.

In the now replaced Brutalist concrete setting of Friars Square, a scene was filmed for Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film A Clockwork Orange.

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