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The Year, In Pictures

Here's a look at some of my favourite posts from 2022, just to whet your appetite for next year.

If you can think of any new subjects you would like me to cover (In North Bucks of course) please get in touch! I can't guarantee to use them, but I'll certainly look into each idea.

Half a House is Better Than None

Market Square and Horn St. widening

From February, a road widening scheme in Winslow from over 100 years ago. It had been a “a very sharp and dangerous corner” said the Buckingham Advertiser and North Bucks Free Press, when the work was completed.

Not By Royal Appointment


Bolobec castle bailey  from the motteThe bailey is visible from the motte, (foreground) with the cut across the spur forming a moat between them. Castle lane runs along the moat side.

Bolobec Castle in Whitchurch was built for one civil war (without permission) and destroyed in another, (I wrote in March) but in between it was a military strongpoint for 500 years.

Foot Locked

Fenny Stratford lock gatesYou can see the small difference in the water levels, either side of the lock gates. Note the 1802 date by the hinge.

At about a foot the shallowest lock in North Bucks, and a nice swing bridge over the top of it, too. Fenny Stratford.


A Beacon for the Queen


Quainton's Jubilee Beacon for Queen Elizabeth 2After just a few minutes the beacon is burning brightly.

From June: "There were beacons lit for the Platinum Jubilee on Thursday evening, all over the UK and the Commonwealth. This is what I saw at Quainton."

A happy occasion, later made bittersweet by the death of her Majesty.

Watching the Jubilee Beacon  Mill Hill  QuaintonThe beacon burns bright enough to light up faces far from the flame.

A Naval Man in Buckinghamshire

Woughton House  Woughton on the GreenWoughton House, now a hotel.

A guest post from regular reader John Taylor in June, who sent me such a detailed account of a Buckinghamshire resident that it ended up being a three part series.

This was part one of the story of Royal Marine General Harold Blount. Part two, A Retired General in WW2 told how he commanded Bletchley’s Home Guard, A Company.

After the war the general kept busy, and was (although I think, at different times) president of the Bletchley Home Guard Rifle Club, and president of the Bletchley branch of the British Legion. That's in part three, A General in Peacetime.


How Have Things Changed After Lockdown?

Social Distancing Project 59(2020) This gap is where the stage is usually erected.

Social Distancing Project 261(2022) The stage this year. I’m not exactly on the same spot as for the 2020 photo, but this is as close as I could get with all the people crowded together that day.

The Distance Project 36
"It’s been about a year since the Covid regulations were almost completely relaxed, (I wrote in August) and I’ve been returning to some of my subjects to see what has changed and what hasn’t.

"I’m going to show you some of the earlier photos with their original captions, and some of the same subjects (mostly) that I’ve taken in the past weeks. There will also be excerpts from the original posts"

This post is from my project about what people were doing differently during lockdown. Here I compared the scene in 2020, and the same scene this year when Folk on the Green returned to Stony Stratford.

Photography for this project has ended. On the NBW the last post for it was The Distance Project 40 in October, with a total of 282 photos published since the first post in May 2020.

If you have any comments or questions about this post, please leave a comment below.


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