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Unwell Roger

Folks, I know I haven't posted for a while, but I'm not well. I'm making progress, but I think it may be at least another week until I'm blogging again.

No, it isn't the Covid. Yes, that is me in the photo. I'm the one with the beard.

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Sorry to see you’re laid up Roger. Here’s wishing you speedy recovery, a Happy Christmas, and good health in 2023, when the new slimmed-down RB hits the road again.

Reflecting on days of yore (as you tend to do at my age) I noticed (on a Woughton visit in 2007) the lovely old elm trees that were common in the fields along the road towards Simpson were no more. I wonder, did any in the locale survive, and was it all down to Dutch elm disease? They often come to mind whenever I visit the public-accessible upper-market gardens in the Dandenong Ranges here (just outside Melbourne) where there are some magnificent specimens, far taller than I recall in the UK, they seem to really thrive in this climate, despite the thinner/poorer soil and the high summer temperatures.


Hi John

thank you for your kind words, and a happy Christmas and fine new year to you. I'm back on the case now and I put up a Monday post earlier today.

I haven't noticed any elm trees around here, I'm afraid. As I recall, Dutch Elm disease killed pretty much all of them. As for size, my old Observer's book of Trees says they grow up to 147ft tall and 26ft round. I presume that means girth, usually measured at 5' (or nowadays 1500mm) above ground level. That's about 5'9" across; quite a size.

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