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December 2022

The Year, In Pictures

Here's a look at some of my favourite posts from 2022, just to whet your appetite for next year.

If you can think of any new subjects you would like me to cover (In North Bucks of course) please get in touch! I can't guarantee to use them, but I'll certainly look into each idea.

Half a House is Better Than None

Market Square and Horn St. widening

From February, a road widening scheme in Winslow from over 100 years ago. It had been a “a very sharp and dangerous corner” said the Buckingham Advertiser and North Bucks Free Press, when the work was completed.

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Roll of Honour

Roll of honour  Edlesborough

The Monday Photo

This is a roll of honour, in Edlesborough’s church of St Mary the Virgin. It’s on a printed template, sold (I presume) to churches during the first World War.

Sometimes you can still find them, usually at the rear of the nave.

There are names from both World Wars here. The names from WW1 are of those who fought and survived, not those who perished; their names, along with those who died in WW2, are on the war memorial at the edge of the churchyard.

In contrast, far more names are listed for WW2, but the names of the relatively few who died are listed again. You can just see them, bottom right under “Departed”.

Four men who were prisoners of war are not in the main list, but are listed just above those who died.

There are very similar templates in at least two other churches in North Bucks. There’s one at Chearsley’s church of St Nicholas, and two at St Firmin’s church, N.Crawley. I’ve also seen other templates used.

I have to admit I got caught out today! As today is Boxing Day, It didn’t occur to me until late afternoon that it was also a Monday, and I should have put up a Monday Photo much earlier! Just the way my mind works, I suppose. Sorry folks!

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The Shortest Day

Lane to Peartree BridgeThis lane leads to the Peartree Bridge; named, it’s said, after an orchard. Possibly the “orchard of half a rood” (an eighth of an acre) referred to in a 1639 terrier, a book recording land boundaries and contents. It’s bridge 88 on the Grand Union canal.

You’ll have been told by all and sundry yesterday that it was the shortest day; the winter solstice. What else could I do but go out with the camera just as it was getting dark?

I have to admit, I have a new camera and lens and so I’ve been busy seeing what it could do. The old one was good in low light, but I’ve found that this one is better.

Yesterday we had a whole 7 hours and 44 minutes between sunrise and sunset. Not a lot, really. The summer solstice next year is on the 21st of June, and on that day we shall have 16 hours and 44 minutes, with sunset at 9:28 pm instead of 3:54 pm. Much better.

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I’m Back

Queen Eleanor  Stony StratfordThe Monday Photo

There’s been no posts here on the North Bucks Wanderer in recent weeks, as I’ve not been well. But I’m feeling much better now, and just in time for Christmas!

So here’s a Christmassy photo for you. This Stony Stratford mural was painted in 2018 by local artist Luke McDonnell. It’s of Eleanor of Castile, wife and Queen to Edward the First, and there was once a monument to her in the town.

Queen Eleanor died in December 1290 in Nottinghamshire, and her body taken the 200 miles back to London. The King had twelve crosses erected on the journey in her memory, all at places where the funeral party had halted for the night. Just three remain, all in Northamptonshire.

Nobody knows what happened to the Eleanor cross in Stony Stratford, but there’s a plaque (“Near this spot”) on a modern building near the North end of the High Street; it’s number 157.

The mural is on the gable end of the 17th Century house at 42 High Street, and faces on to New Street. It can be seen from the High Street, and is opposite the Old George Hotel.

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Unwell Roger

Folks, I know I haven't posted for a while, but I'm not well. I'm making progress, but I think it may be at least another week until I'm blogging again.

No, it isn't the Covid. Yes, that is me in the photo. I'm the one with the beard.

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