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The Distance Project 39
Two years ago I visited Home Close, the field that’s the site of the annual Winslow Show. It was the August bank holiday, the day the show should have been on.

Of course it wasn’t held that year or the next, but I took some photos of the empty field, and posted them here on the North Bucks Wanderer.

I went back this year, for the first show since 2019. I duplicated my shots from my 2020 visit, and what a difference! I saw no social distancing going on and very few mask wearers. I took other photos too, and you can see a couple at the end of this post.

The Distance Project 18
Carrying on With the New Normal

Social Distancing Project 158(18th Sept 2020) This was taken on the August bank holiday Monday. On any other year the Winslow Show would have just opened and pedestrians would be walking in through this gate. The field, just across the road from Winslow Hall on Sheep Street, Winslow would be filled by the show.
I remember going to this show as a child, when it was called the Winslow Gymkhana.


Social Distancing Project 272(2022) At 9:30 am I saw a steady flow of people going through the gate; I‘d overheard a couple of stewards saying that show visitors were coming unusually early this year. The atmosphere was very relaxed.

Social Distancing Project 159
(18th Sept 2020) The Winslow show field, again on the bank holiday Monday. The only sheep in the field at the show would be in pens.Winslow Hall is in the background and the wall in the previous photo is just this side of it. There’s often a setup photo taken by the organisers from somewhere near this spot, on the Saturday before the show.


Social Distancing Project 273(2022) Stewards wait to guide cars to parking spots, and in the background hundreds enjoy the first show since 2019.


Social Distancing Project 275(2022) At the Cat Protection stall I asked this volunteer if I could take her photo, and then we recognised each other! She is Sarah Payne, who I interviewed about her fostering for this cat charity, just before we started to hear about Covid in March 2020. After suffering through two serious illnesses, one of them Covid, she is wary of becoming ill again and so she still wears a mask.


Social Distancing Project 276(2022) I was so close to this man we could have shook hands; no social distancing here!

This post's photos were taken with either a Pentax camera and lenses, or a Sony A6000 camera and lens.
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