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Coronation Year

Gin and Precautions

The Distance Project 38
Now it’s been over a year since the lockdown rules were almost completely relaxed, I’ve been returning to some previous subjects. There’s been a few changes, but some things have stayed the same...

Some of us are still taking precautions. But many are more or less back to normal, in our approach to the world. I think it will be a long while before lockdown, Covid, and the drastic changes to our lives stop affecting us completely.

But some things have changed for the better. In June and July 2020 I had been going to Little Horwood to photograph lockdown life there. Let's take a look.

Social Distancing Project 269(2022) Fabric World in Bletchley has kept their perspex screen at the counter, and they use it to display the masks they still sell.

Social Distancing Project 270(2022) At Boots Opticians in Central Milton Keynes a couple of weeks ago I went to get my eyes tested. This is Mark, who is checking my order for new glasses. He chooses to wear a mask for work and says he uses two or three a day.
He doesn’t wear a mask if, for example, he is walking in the shopping centre, but feels that at work he come into contact with lots of people in, essentially, a healthcare setting. So he wears the mask. Some of his colleagues wear a mask, some do not.

The Distance Project 10
Gin O’clock at Little Horwood (9th July 2020)

I Wrote:

It’s 5 pm, and the sun is shining. Chrissie Beckett, who doesn’t like to be photographed, has put out chairs; it’s Saturday afternoon and it’s gin o’clock.

Women from the village walk into Chrissie’s front garden and sit down. They’ve brought their own drinks, but sometimes they can be tempted to try a different gin. Chrissie is out of shot to the right, in the first (photo).

Social Distancing Project 84(2020) Gin in the garden at Little Horwood.


Social Distancing Project 90(2020) It had been hot and sunny but then we had a sudden rain shower. A few minutes later everyone else has gone; I’m out here on my own.

Social Distancing Project 268(2022) Gin o’clock is still going on, but now can be in the back garden and everyone can sit together. Recently Chrissie has allowed me to take her picture; she’s on the far right.

Warning signs were common during the lockdown, and new signs are still being erected. Below is one sign I found recently.

The Distance Project 22
No Armistice in Sight For Covid (29th November 2020)

I Wrote:

After a hopeful Summer, we headed back towards a stricter regime. Bucks County Council were concerned enough to take action in October, sending out letters to householders and erecting signs warning about the increasing number of infections.

They were right to be concerned, as the number of cases in the UK had taken off in mid September, followed not long after by the number of deaths. The Government had to do something, and the second lockdown began on the 5th of November, to run for four weeks.

Social Distancing Project 180(2020) On the last day before the second lockdown, I found some of Bucks County Council’s signs in Buckingham. It’s difficult to keep your distance in some parts of this town, where the pavements are extremely narrow and the roads are often too busy to step into. This is West Street.

Social Distancing Project 271(2022) A new warning sign (last month) in the Greyhound Lane car park, Winslow. Like the signs in the previous shot, it was erected by Bucks county Council.

This post's photos were taken with either a Pentax camera and lenses, or a Sony A6000 camera and lens.
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