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Live music in Stony Stratford


Stony Stratford is well known for its live music scene, though I haven’t seen a band playing there (or anywhere else) since before the lockdown began, all those months ago.

I miss it, so when I heard live music coming from round the corner in the High Street, I walked over to see what was going on. This is what I found; three real, live musicians; “Doctor Jazz”. It was great.

I’m not sure if the man in the red shirt using an enamelled tin mug to ‘mute’ his trumpet, is part of Doctor Jazz, or just happened to be passing and was invited to join in. A couple more numbers after I got there he had gone on his way.

Live music by the church


I think that sort of thing happens a lot in Stony; I’ve often seen the same musician playing in more than one band, and I’ve also seen musicians in the crowd come up and do guest spots at a gig.

Tin mug trumpet mute


Now, Stony Live, the town’s annual live music event is scheduled to happen from 3rd to 11th July, but the dates were set before the four week delay to the end of lockdown was announced.

I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen yet, but I’ll let you know, in this post if I find out in the next day or so, or in a new post thereafter.

The Stony Classic vehicle show that usually accompanies Stony Live is set for Sunday 4th July. I don’t know if that’s going to change, but again, as soon as I know I’ll post the information, either in this post or in a new one. Here is the Stony Classic Show Facebook page.

As far as I know Folk on the Green, the town's all day open air live music event, isn't going ahead this year.

Please see the next post for amended dates for both Stony Live and the classic vehicle show.

Doctor Jazz  Stony Stratford

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Doctor Jazz - thats my brother! Very talented and you are lucky to have him! Enjoy it all!

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