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A Year of Lockdown

Social Distancing Project 211

A notice on this shrine says:
“Dedicated to the victims of coronavirus and the healthcare professionals who are risking their lives while supporting other people”.

The Distance Project 27

A year since the lockdown started, the Milton Keynes Peace Pagoda held two very minimal ceremonies on Tuesday to mark the date.

The ceremonies were part of a National Day of Reflection that took place all over the UK.

Just before Noon, Sister Maruta came out to represent the Buddhist temple. She beat a drum and prayed alone at an outdoor shrine they’ve dedicated to the victims of Covid-19 and to their health workers.

At midday she ceased praying and observed the one minute silence, held nationwide in remembrance of those who have suffered under the virus.

In another small ceremony that evening Sister Maruta chanted as the Peace Pagoda’s floodlights were lit at 8 pm. The pagoda was just one of many prominent buildings and landmarks illuminated across the UK that night.

Although the ceremony had not been officially publicised, over a dozen members of the public attended. They stayed more or less socially distant, and some came forward to light incense on the pagoda. The ceremony finished at 8:30 pm.

In other news, I had “the jab” on Wednesday, and given the AstraZeneca vaccine. I‘ve had no side effects so far other than feeling a bit tired but I don’t have any photos for you; photography isn’t allowed in the vaccine centre.

Not to worry; there’s plenty of other photos in the Distance Project, which started in early May last year.

There are lots more photos from the Distance Project on the NBW. The project, started in May, is to photograph what people are doing differently under lockdown.

Social Distancing Project 212Members of the public came to the Peace Pagoda to observe the ceremony.


Social Distancing Project 213Just half a dozen chairs were set up, but only three were used.


Social Distancing Project 214Sister Maruta beats her drum and chants, on the first level of the Peace Pagoda.


Social Distancing Project 215The view from the pagoda across North Willen Lake


Social Distancing Project 216Sister Maruta wore a mask throughout the evening ceremony.

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Lovely pictures, was such a lovely experience.
Can I please ask what incense was used, it was beautiful.

Roger Bradbury

Thank you Katie.

I'm trying to find out what the incense was, and I'll leave a comment here when I do.

Roger Bradbury

the incense was sandalwood, made by Zam Zam and bought from Amazon. It cost £5.99. Here's a link:


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