The Christmas Post
My Big Break

What Did I Do This Year?

Quite a bit, really. I managed to get around to quite a few places in North Bucks when we were allowed to, and got all the way to Hillesden before the lockdown. But this post is a Covid free zone; I’ll say no more about that today.

Now here are some of the highlights of the year from the North Bucks Wanderer.

Great Linford station

On a grey February day I explored The Railway That Nearly Was, a line that might have gone all the way from Wolverton to Wellingborough, but only made it as far as Newport Pagnell. If you know what to look for, you can still see where the line was meant to run.

This was the old station at Great Linford.


Musket ball hole  Hillesden

Hillesden Church is often called The Cathedral in the Fields, for its huge Perpendicular windows. Because of the windows, Inside All is Bright, but here is the outside of the porch door, in the shade. That’s a musket ball hole.


Olney pancakes

In Pancakes for Everyone, some of the Olney Pancake Race competitors wait to run. As well as the town race, there’s an international match against another pancake race in Liberal, Texas.

This year Katie Godof won the race in Olney in 66 seconds. In Liberal, Whitney Hay won her race in 69 seconds, so the international win went to Olney.


Ivinghoe Beacon
I visited Ivinghoe Beacon on a sunny day, and went Up Light Hill. For some reason I hadn’t been there in 25 years. It’s a nice place to visit; I want to go back.


Photo recon Spitfire

This is just the subject for A Quick Photo; it’s a photo reconnaissance Spitfire, unarmed and built for speed. I took this from my front garden; you can find pictures anywhere.


Post mill  Pitstone

The Mill on the Post is at Pitstone. It’s a post mill, rotated by hand to face into the wind on a great central post.


The Green Man  Aylesbury

What was Behind the Green Man pub in Aylesbury that links David Bowie and Ronnie Barker? It was hard to discover but I worked it all out in the end.


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