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Lost villages of Britain 2There are at least half a dozen lost villages just around Milton Keynes, so this is a very useful book. It’s not true that most villages vanished because of the plague, and this book explains what really happened; there are all sorts of reasons.

I do all I can to make sure my posts tell you new things about the places I write about; they aren’t just a rehash of everyone else’s online posts.

So quite a bit of my research is not on the internet.

For example, I make sure to visit every place I write about to see what’s there for myself, though the lockdown has put a stop to that lately.

Guides to placesHere are some of my guides and leaflets to places in North Bucks. The guide to Claydon House is my oldest one; it’s from 1978. There’s one guide that shouldn’t be here; can you spot it?

But I do have a couple of shelves of books and maps to refer to. They are chock full of good information. Unlike the internet, I can rely on books from reputable publishers to have accurate information, and my maps are all drawn up by the Ordnance Survey, who I can trust to get it right.

1980s aylesbury

This Ordnance survey (OS) map show Aylesbury in the 1980s; the town has grown a lot since then. It’s in 1:50,000 scale, sometimes called 1¼ inches to the mile.

1920s Aylesbury

This map is the Cassini company’s reproduction of an OS 1 inch to the mile map, from 1920. It has been enlarged a bit, up to the 1:50,000 scale so it's easy to compare to a modern map.

1830s AylesburyThis is another one of my Cassini maps, from the early 1800s. Like the 1920 map, it’s been enlarged a bit to match the modern scale.

I’ve also got a big box of guides and leaflets to buildings and places I’ve been to over the years, and they have lots of information that can’t be found anywhere else.

The church guides especially are written by people who really know their stuff; people who care about their church, and want to get it right.

While the internet is a good place to start, nothing beats having your own reliable sources.

Here are links to some of the books and maps I use. Many of the books are out of print, but most can be picked up on Amazon (click on the picture) for no more than a few pounds. The Cassini maps can be bought new on Amazon; you can find them by the area name, not the map number.

They use the same name and number as the modern maps. The maps for North Bucks are Northampton and Milton Keynes (152), and Leighton Buzzard and Aylesbury (165).





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