A Visit From the Boys
Weaselly Found

The Distance Project 4

Playground closedAll the playgrounds at South Willen Lake are blocked off.

Further From Home

This photo project started very simply, as posed photos of people exercising under social distancing restrictions in my local parks in Milton Keynes, but I’m now expanding the scope of the project to other areas of life under efforts to fight the pandemic.

I’m also able to go further afield now there’s been some relaxation of the lockdown. Recently I’ve been to Willen lake, Woughton on the Green (both not far from where I live), Newton Longville, and Whaddon.

All the other photos so far can be found here.

Closed playgroundThis play area at Simpson had been taped off because of concerns that the Covid-19 virus could be picked up from the surfaces.


Allotment and motorcycleThis rider had come to the allotments at Woughton on the Green to look after a friend’s plot. The friend is stuck abroad because of lockdown restrictions.


Covid and allotmentThese two women had come to work on their Woughton on the Green allotment plot in the same car; I think they are mother and daughter. Working on the allotment is one of the allowed activities.


Distance talkingThe woman in the yellow shirt’s children are further down the path. “Social distancing, Mum”, one of them reminded her. She assured her son that she was indeed social distancing.


Walking under lockdownNewton Longville.


Lockdown cyclistI sat in my car in Whaddon; I had walked for far too long that day and my foot, damaged in an accident years ago, was hurting. This was one of the cyclists I saw while I rested the foot.


Covid and towpathIt’s especially difficult to social distance for anyone who lives on a boat, if there are many other people passing by. Most towpaths like this one at Woughton Park are less than two metres wide.


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