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Words But No Pictures

We are having technical difficulties, so the usual Thursday morning post can't be published just yet.

Those very nice people at Typepad are beavering away trying to fix the problem, and they've made some progress; I can now publish words, but not pictures. Until earlier this evening I couldn't publish anything at all.

Typepad's headquarters are near Atlanta, in the state of Georgia, USA. They are five hours behind us so it's still mid afternoon there.

If you are a regular reader, you'll already know that my posts have lots of photos; without them I'm lost. Until I'm back in the game, which shouldn't be too long, why not have a look at my archives?

After sterling efforts late into their evenings, the technical bods at Typepad have sorted the problem. Plenty of pictures in my latest post!

Mystery Club


The Monday Photo

If you’ve heard all the stories about mods and rockers doing battle on the sea front, you might think bikers and scooterists were once all mortal enemies. But that wasn’t always true, and here's proof.

In (it’s thought) the 1960s, the Buckingham and District Motorcycle and Scooter Club met in the Woolpack pub in Well Street, Buckingham. This cast metal badge would be fixed to a member’s bike or scooter.

In the 1970s the landlord of the pub, a Mr. Steers, found a small heavy box full of these badges, tucked away in the pub. He thought that they dated from the previous decade.

The badge design is based on the county coat of arms. There’s a red and black background, and the county swan is wearing a duke’s coronet and a gold chain.

That’s all I could find out about this club. Does anyone out there know any more?

A Dragon in the Church

St George and the dragonSt George and the Dragon, over the south door.

Broughton church was under restoration. It was 1849. In the nave, the restorers removed the 16th Century plaster, and to their surprise found a set of magnificent wall paintings. They’d been hidden for three hundred years.

The largest and most dramatic painting is of Saint George, in mortal combat with the Dragon.

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Support the Flag

Free Tibet

The Monday Photo

A young boy holds the flag of Tibet, at the Raising of the Tibetan Flag ceremony in Milton Keynes.

The event in 2015 was the first to be held at the Buddhist temple at Willen. This year, Sister Maruta of the Buddhist Nipponzan Myohoji order raised the flag in a small ceremony with just the occupants of the temple present.

In previous years, Tibetan people have brought flags and made a day of it, and owners of Tibetan Terriers brought their dogs.

Tibet has been occupied by Communist China since 1949, when the Chinese People’s Liberation Army entered the country. They claim that Tibet has been part of China for 800 years, but Tibet had its own national flag, currency, passports and stamps.

They also had an army, signed international treaties, and maintained diplomatic relations with neighbouring countries.

Now the people of Tibet are subject to human rights abuses and free speech is denied them. The organisation Free Tibet campaigns for an end to China's occupation.

Armchair Exploration 4

Grand Union Canal BridgeThis bridge over the Grand Union canal at Woughton on the Green was for farm access, and sat in the middle of fields. It's now just yards from the (usually) busy A421.

Now I’ve been on a few officially sanctioned walks, I’ve realised there’s still scope for a bit of local exploration. Best of all, it gives me somewhere to go, a destination.

This is great.

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On Fire


The Monday Photo

It’s the evening of the Summer Solstice 2017, and as the sun drops towards the horizon, the Pyrofinalia Fire Collective are holding a free performance, at the Peace Pagoda in Milton Keynes.

The Fire Collective are fire performers, jugglers, and aerialists, based in Milton Keynes.