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Last Day for Castle’s Surplus Store

Castle's display window  on the shop's last dayCastle’s side display window.

The Castles Surplus Store in Stony Stratford has opened for the last time. I’ve been a customer of the shop since about 1985, buying workwear, boots and camping equipment, but they’ve had a shop in the High Street since 1968. I wrote more about the shop when they announced their closure, in November.

On Saturday the 19th, I arrived in Stony Stratford before the shop opened at 9am ready to see Gary Castle open up the shop. I wanted to photograph Gary closing the shop up in the afternoon, and he told me that it wouldn’t be before 3pm.

I came back in the afternoon before 3pm but the shop stayed open. I bought a few items; it was my last chance. I took some photos of Ron Castle, Gary’s father and founder of the shop and waited a little longer, but I found that Gary had decided to close up at 4.

I went out into the High Street and pottered around, then came back to take the last photos. Gary locked the door, and flipped the door sign to Closed.

Castle's last dayCastle’s Surplus Store, 8:50am, Saturday 19th January.

Opening Castle's for the last timeIt’s 9am. Gary Castle unlocks the shop door for the last time…

Gary Castle flips the sign to 'Open' on the shop's last day…and flips the door sign to ‘open’.

Taking out display goods on Castle's last dayGary takes display goods outside.

Mr. Ron CastleRon Castle in his shop coat. Ron founded
Castle’s Surplus Store in 1968.

Gary Castle locks up the shop for the last timeGary locks the shop for the last time…

Gary Castle flips the sign to 'Closed' on the shop's last day…and turns the sign to ‘closed’.

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so sad...and the lack of comments makes it much more so. end of an era.

I started some work that means I end up in Stony Stratford once a week. I was just thinking how handy it was that I could just pop into Castle's before I went home, when their closure was announced.

I've been buying things from there since at least 1985.

I didn't realise Castles had closed. I used to shop there when I was in Milton Keynes buying all manner of tools. I still have a large spanner in my tool box complete with their price label on!

Very sorry to read of its closure, bought from there since 1996 when we moved to MK. Similar shop, the oldest shop on Bedfords High Street, also closed recently in our new home town. Sadly no place for traditional shops it seems

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