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Aylesbury Apocalypse

Attention all Armageddon Wastelanders, Zombie Apocalypse Marauders and Mad Max Petrolheads reads the Facebook page for the Apocalypticus: Road to Ruin event. It caught my eye some time ago.

On the weekend on 21st-23rd September this year the page tells us, around 400 people will be enjoying a “full on Armageddon” event. Everyone who attends is expected to dress in an appropriate way for the whole weekend. It's at Westcott.

Then a few weeks ago, the organisers made a Facebook announcement to say they were having a promo day in Aylesbury town centre, and anyone who had a fallout or ratted vehicle or who dressed like a wasteland ravager was welcome to be part of the event. I have a rat bike, so I let organiser Pete Roberts know I was coming.

On the Saturday I rode to Kingsbury Square in Aylesbury and here’s what I found.

Apocalpticus promo ToyotaMatt (left) and Dudley (right) left Torquay at 3:30 am just for this promo day and to get a
look at the Apocalypticus site at Westcott.

Apocalpticus promo Toyota teddiesThese bears are stowed away when the car is on the
road. Apart from Kittypocalypse, (and it should be soon)
all these vehicles are road legal.

Apocalpticus promo Toyota driverMatt in the Toyota.

Apocalpticus promo headgearDudley in his headgear. When I saw him and Matt without their outfits later I didn’t recognise them.

Apocalpticus promo Geiger counterGeiger counter readout on Pete Robert’s survival bike.

Apocalpticus promo passersbyPassers by took it all in their stride, and many stopped to chat.

Apocalpticus promo KittypocalypseThe driver’s door of Kittypocalypse, which of course
in Hello Kitty pink.

Apocalpticus promo Kittypocalypse rearKittypocalypse’s rear. Not a fan of tailgaters, it seems…

Apocalpticus promo rusty CorollaAnother Toyota Corolla, in an all over rust finish.
(it’s actually a special 
paint) What seems to be
battered armour plate on the front is really flexible
floor matting.

Apocalpticus promo WW2 VWThis modern VW Beetle has been modified on a German WW2 military vehicle theme,
so it’s grey in a col
our photo, too. See the fifth photo from the top in this previous post.

Apocalpticus promo WW2 VW doorDriver’s door of the WW2 VW Beetle.

Apocalpticus promo VW driverGeoff, driver of the VW Beetle.

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