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Ludgershall Bike Night

Stony Live's Classic Show

Okay, it was really a classic vehicle show, but I was only interested in the bikes. And an aeroplane...

Stony Live Classic show1A nice Matchless single, that looks like it gets used regularly.

Stony Live Classic show2Arial Square Four and sidecar. If you didn't know, a bike and sidecar is often known as an outfit, or a combination, or combo. The sidecar is often called "the chair". Note the appropriate mascot; in a Wallace and Gromit way, outfits go round left hand bends differently from right handers. I wish I had somewhere to keep one.

Stony Live Classic show3Suzuki chop, Triumph twin. The Suzuki's a twin too. There's a lot to be said for medium to large four stroke twins.

Stony Live Classic show4This is an MZ 250cc Trophy Sport. I have never seen one before and didn't know what it was, but the owner put me out of my ignorance. I've seen plenty of the touring version, which has the fixed headlight's cowling faired into the petrol tank, and legshields. I like MZs. I've ridden the touring version of the Trophy.

Stony Live Classic show5My first bike was one of these 50cc Suzuki step-thru mopeds. It was grey, which these guys told me was the other colour option to the green and red here. My one was first used in 1969, but I bought mine from my cousin in 1978. Unlike later mopeds that were restricted by law, these can do 40 or 45 mph. With only three gears, a steepish hill meant changing down to second gear, but only when the bike had slowed down to well under 30 mph. Good to see a couple on the road. These guys told me their names, but I neglected to make a note; I never remember names but I think one of them was called Justin. Sorry, chaps.

Lancaster over Stony StratfordI don't have to tell you what this is, right? Okay, good. To see what it's like to be the pilot of one, see here.

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